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Mathematics known as the language of science is an efficient and indispensable tool accommodating to understand the world around us and solve real world problems. In contrast to pure mathematics, the applied filed typically involves problems related to mathematical modeling of stochastic phenomenon (e.g. engineering and environmental processes, manufacturing, and industrial systems).  Illuminating the link between problem solving and theoretical mathematics, it helps in several ways including the pattern recognition, the prediction of stochastic phenomena and scheduling. 
During past years the mathematics school of IUST has made an earnest attempt to enhance the academic disciplines by adding B.Sc and M.Sc respectively in Computer Science and Cryptography and also append M.Sc courses aiming at meeting the needs of society.  I hope that in the near future other predetermined plans with the help of compassionate faculty members and facilitators in IUST are implemented. 
Few words with students:
•    Hope and perseverance are the key elements of success. 
•    Believe in yourself you can succeed. Islamic scientific achievements during past centuries and decades encompassed a wide range of subject areas support this claim. 
•    With respect to the multidisciplinary nature of mathematics, bring up your knowledge in other academic disciplines including engineering, medicine and economic. 
•    Drastically improve your programming and (specialty) language skills and get to know some mathematical software. 
I believe that with the aid of you, who are the greatest asset and the backbone for our country, we not only keep up with cutting edge (mathematics) sciences, but also achieve our primary goals. 
                         Dr. Reza Ahmadi
         Director of Applied Mathematics Group

Faculty of Applied Mathematics Group

Dr. Rahman Farnoosh
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Dr. Jalil Rashidinia
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Dr. Toraj Nik Azad
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Dr. Morteza Garshasbi
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Dr. Reza Ahmadi
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Dr. Mahboubeh Molavi Arabshahi
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 Directors of Applied Mathematics Group 
Dr. Abdollah

Dr. Mohammadreza

Dr. Ahmad

Dr.  Jalil
Dr. Mohammadreza

Dr.  Rahman

Dr. Toraj
Nik Azad

Dr. Reza




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