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As the department head for pure mathematics, I will be giving a brief address to the students that I hope will be helpful to them. 
The evolution of mathematics
The mathematical mind has always strived to abstract things and deduce rules and conclusions from certain assumptions and established principles, even though nearly all mathematical notions have their roots in actual problems in creation. This is because mathematics is logical and unbeatable. This strategy has kept scientific mathematics special up to this point in that every claim it makes has been established as true, unbreakable, and unassailable, which is not a little cause for love and loyalty to mathematics. There are several generalizations of fundamental mathematical ideas that aim to find the mathematics that may be utilized to describe actual phenomena. However, history has shown that if the generalization is strong enough, it will undoubtedly be employed elsewhere, regardless of this incentive. Naturally, it also brings mathematical plurality closer to unity. 
The significance of mathematics
The growth of mathematics after Descartes, particularly in the calculus of differential and integral with the efforts of Newton and Leibniz, is important. Capable minds in abstraction and reasoning make this thick tree fatter by uncovering logical relationships and concepts. Current memory ascribes the importance of mathematics to thousands of years before Christ and the efforts of Archimedes and the ancient Greeks. 
A version of the actual world (metaverse) is now being developed in the field of computer science, which is entirely a branch of mathematics. Only specialists in this field are aware of the crucial role that mathematics plays in this endeavor. But regrettably, in our nation, many competent individuals have been discouraged from engaging in the professional study of mathematics and dealing with it. I am hoping that the scientific prosperity of Iran's mathematical collections will grow day by day and that there will not be a cap on the country's mathematical activity thanks to the existence of skilled mathematicians and the growth in planners' knowledge. 
Describing pure and applied mathematics:
For many years, "mathematics and applications" has taken the role of the pure and applied suffix in undergraduate mathematics. It appears that mathematical specializations will soon take the role of pure and applied mathematics, which are currently only discussed in graduate courses (mathematical analysis, geometry, algebra, statistics, numerical analysis, data analysis, optimization, code, etc.). At the moment, pure and applied mathematics have no other use than to distinguish between students in the aforementioned professions since subjects with a little or great distance from applications in other sciences can be entered in each of the aforementioned fields. Trends in mathematical analysis, geometry, and algebra are currently categorized in the group of pure mathematics at the School of Mathematics of Iran University of Science and Technology, while trends in numerical analysis, cryptography, and statistics are categorized in the group of applied mathematics.
Some advice for students
- Success in comprehending mathematics and proper education is directly correlated with mathematical interest.
- The best approach to studying mathematics in any topic is to consult reference materials, and now that everyone has access to the Internet, this library is open to anyone.
- For math students, it is crucial to put their phobia of reading Latin texts aside and become acclimated to reading literature in their language. 
- While having genius alone is insufficient, perseverance and practice in learning and applying concepts are vital prerequisites for success.
- Students of all levels should be conscious of their educational and research rights and obligations by learning the most recent regulations from the faculty website and pertinent specialists, as well as by keeping track of their administrative matters as necessary.
- Undergraduate students should give their eight-semester curriculum their whole attention. The 8-semester curriculum, which is based on the most recent version of the program approved by the Ministry of Science in 2022, is especially important to the undergraduate students in that year. It is created with consideration for the faculty's ability to implement it as well as for the student's preferences.
- Master's students should be careful to choose and accept the topic of their thesis through their supervisor at the beginning of July of the first year of study so that they will have enough time to complete the thesis and facilitate the defence in September of the second year by taking advantage of the summer.
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