Dr. Mehdi Nadjafikhah

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Dr. Mehdi Nadjafikhah

Differential Geometry
Equivalnece Theory
Geometric Control

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 Address : Iran University of Science & Technology, University St., Hengam St., Resalat Square, Tehran, Iran.
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 Ph.D.  Pure Mathematics : Differential Geometry,  Iran University of Science and Technology ,1998.
 Ms.C.  Pure Mathematics : Geometry and Topology, Iran University of Science and Technology , 1994.
 Bs.C , Mathematics : Pure Mathematics Iran University of Science and Technology, 1992.




  Differential Geometry

  Equivalnece Theory

  Geometric Control






 Computational Geometry Research Laboratory

 Under graduate:
                      Calculus I
                      Calculus II
                      Introduction to ordinary differential equations
                      History of mathematics
                      General topology
                      Basic algebraic topology
                      Foundations of geometry
                      Local differential geometry
                      Foundations of mathematics
                      Introduction to differentiable manifolds I
                      Introduction to differentiable manifolds II 
                      Lie groups and Lie algebras I
                      Application of Lie groups in differential equations 1
                      Equivalence, invariants and symmetry I
                      Equivalence, invariants and symmetry II
                      Geometric theory of differential equations I


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